Top 5 Photography Gifts for These Holidays

Its winter holiday season again, the shipping deadline for holiday gifts to arrive on time is fast approaching and your gift list is still a mile long.

What now? Do you collapse under pressure and quickly wrap up a frame? Or do you rise to the challenge of pleasing even the oddest of visual fancies?

It’s not an easy feat of course. Like all personal technology, cameras and photography accessories are advancing so rapidly that without specific instructions from a would-be recipient, buying photo-equipment for a favorite photographer can be next to impossible. Photographers at all levels also appreciate a little creativity, and there are indeed some less-than-risky gift options available. Now, you can WOW the photographer in your life with one (or more) of these unbelievably cool photography gifts.

1.- Canon EOS Rebel XS

This camera is the logic upgrade from a point and shoot, and your love one will greatly appreciate it. Canon EOS Rebel XS is an affordable DSLR with powerful features including a 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, Canon’s DIGIC III processor, fast shooting and more, it’s a digital inspiration. With simple, easy-to-use controls, a compact design, a 2.5-inch LCD monitor, and Live View Function, it’s a beginner’s dream come true. This camera can produce great images at any of its ISO settings and, viewed as a whole, it makes a great first DSLR.

2.- Equipment backpack

This SLR backpack was designed to keep you ready to shoot wherever your journey takes you. It is comfortable and discreet for a stroll through the city, safe and lightweight to take it in a hiking adventure. You can wear the sling cross-body, and then simply swing the case to the front for immediate access to your camera and accessories. The camera compartment provides ultimate protection for your SLR. It has a suspension hammock system that suspends the camera body preventing impact with the bottom of the case. The compartment lid is lined with scratch-resistant memory foam to help prevent screen damage and accommodates most SLR bodies with attached standard lens.

There is an additional large compartment for an extra lens, flash or other bulky accessories. Three additional compartments store smaller items such as extra battery, cords, memory cards or keys. Its unique strap system on the front of the case secures a tripod or other bulky gear with industrial strength hook-and loop. Adjustable shoulder and waist straps ensure a comfortable fit. Wrist strap limits unnecessary jostling during activity.

3.- Canon’s stylish iP100 Mobile Printer

Canon’s stylish iP100 Mobile Printer travels with you, delivering outstanding photo print quality wherever you are. Thanks to a blazing sprint speed, you can have a beautiful 4 x 6 inch print in less than a minute. The iP100 is perfect for traveling photographers, vacationers making their own post cards, businessmen who need to make the perfect color presentation on the road, and anyone else who wants a high-quality print anywhere.

4.- Canon PowerShot SD1400 Digital camera

This slim and stylish camera is perfect to take it everywhere. It is impressively equipped with the most advanced Canon camera features: 14.1-megapixel resolution; 28mm wide-angle lens; 4x optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilizer, HD movie shooting capability, and intelligently selects from 22 predefined settings, The new models add scene modes such as Miniature Effect and Fisheye Effect. It features a low Light mode for night display, perfect for gathering friends and family around to see your images. You can find it in black, silver, pink and orange hues.

5.- Dolica Ultra-light tripod

Dolica’s carbon fiber Proline tripod is ideal for both indoor and outdoor photography. It’s perfect for events and sports activity, capturing that one amazing shot you don’t want to miss. It is designed specifically for use with digital SLR cameras, and a necessary piece of equipment for any photographer.

This professional carbon-fiber built, ultra-light tripod is able to support up to 17.6 pounds and extended up to 61.4 inches.

The tripod comes with a bubble level, a full 360 degrees scale for panoramic shots, a hook for hanging a sandbag, retractable spikes within rubber footings, a compass, a sturdy ball head with multiple rubber encased metal knobs that allows one to rotate the camera easily for landscape and portrait shots, center column to raise mounted camera to about 6 feet high, two quick release plates, and a nice sturdy bag with an inside zippered pocket that holds a hex tool.

Digital photographs [] can be displayed, printed, stored, manipulated, transmitted, and archived using digital and computer techniques, without chemical processing.

As technological advances improve photographic equipment, materials, and techniques, the scope of photography continues to expand enormously.